American Legion Award Honors Students for Character, Citizenship

This year, 16 students in the Comal Independent School District were honored with the American Legion Award for exemplifying the six qualities that define character: courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship and service.

The American Legion has been offering the School Award Medal Program since 1926, in order to recognize students for their scholastic achievements and praise them for demonstrating the qualities of character and citizenship.

This award is given to a boy and girl in the graduating classes of elementary, middle, high school and college. Candidates for the award are voted on by the school’s faculty and members of the candidates’ graduating class through secret ballot. The local Legion post involved with the school makes the final selection based upon recommendations from students and faculty.

This year’s graduating honorees are the following individuals:

 Smithson Valley High School

  • Outstanding Boy – Chandler Cole
  • Outstanding Girl – Caroline Kuhn
  • Outstanding Boy Runner-Up – Luke Gombert
  • Outstanding Girl Runner-Up – Abigail Redin

CORRECTION: Memorial Early College High School with St. Philip’s College

  • Outstanding Boy – Victor Hernandez
  • Outstanding Girl – Josephine Tesauro
  • Outstanding Boy Runner-Up – Austin Kortz
  • Outstanding Girl Runner-Up – Hannah Velazquez

Canyon High School

  • Outstanding Boy – Alan DeMartini
  • Outstanding Girl – Mia Macchia

Pieper Ranch Middle School

  • Outstanding Boy – Rowen Hamilton
  • Outstanding Girl – Kate Wallace

Mountain Valley Middle School

  • Outstanding Boy – Grant Robinson
  • Outstanding Girl – Elise Johnson
  • Outstanding Boy Runner-Up – Oscar Aguilar
  • Outstanding Girl Runner-Up – Cadence Patterson

Danville Middle School

  • Outstanding Boy – DeAndre Broughton
  • Outstanding Girl – Ashley Kasperbauer
  • Outstanding Boy Runner-Up – Daniel Morman
  • Outstanding Girl Runner-Up – Kaimana Blackwood

Church Hill Middle School

  • Outstanding Boy – Jackson Stevens
  • Outstanding Girl – Dakota Fisher
  • Outstanding Boy Runner-Up – Jonathan Henley
  • Outstanding Girl Runner-Up – Peyton Wirebaugh

Canyon Middle School

  • Outstanding Boy – Joseph Epley
  • Outstanding Girl – Syriea Jordan
  • Outstanding Boy Runner-Up – Tate Davis
  • Outstanding Girl Runner-Up – Erica King





-Caroline Kuhn, Outstanding Girl SVHS

-Chandler Cole, Outstanding Boy SVHS

-Josephine Tesauro, Outstanding Girl MECHS

-Victor Hernandez, Outstanding Boy MECHs

-Mia Macchia, Outstanding Girl CHS

-Alan DeMartini, Outstanding Boy CHS

-Abigail Redin, Outstanding Girl Runner Up SVHS

-Luke Gombert, Outstanding Boy Runner Up SVHS

-Hannah Velazquez, Outstanding Girl Runner Up MECHS

-Austin Kortz, Outstanding Boy Runner Up MECHS




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